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"For the 'Modern Day' professional who understands that technology, relevance, and innovation are the future of building their business, and crushing their competition." 

Are you ready to increase revenue, profit, and productivity?

What Is R.I.S.E. Coaching?

VOTED John C. Maxwell World TOP 100 Leader, renowned national speaker and coach, Tony Giordano is the President & Founder of RISE  Coaching. 

R.I.S.E. stands for RELEVANT INNOVATIVE SKILL ENHANCEMENT, in which breaks professionals through any personal ceilings of achievement and often in a much shorter period of time by using a modern-day approach. Multiple industries today express the importance of coaching but forget to find coaching programs and/or even coaches that are relevant to today’s times of tech, access, big data, and online media.

"Stop saying and doing what sales people have been saying and doing for 30 years. Clients are craving for something new!" -Tony Giordano

Is R.I.S.E. Coaching a 'GROUP' or "INDIVIDUAL' Coaching Program?

RISE Coaching has both options. For 'Individual' coaching, that is the RISE "MASTERY" Level program which is for 1-ON-1 coaching with just you and a RISE coach. Click (MASTERY) for more information on that program.

How Does RISE 'GROUP' Coaching Work?

Every other week we’ll jump on a LIVE coaching call with yourself and the other members of the R.I.S.E. Group Program and dive deep into many topics.
These LIVE coaching sessions are with national speaker, coach and multiple time national & international bestselling author Tony Giordano, and are full of relevant topics, strategies and proven techniques that will help you take your skill set and business to the next level.
Every call has an interactive Q&A format which gives you the opportunity to get help on questions specific to your business directly from Tony.

Check out Tony's latest book by clicking the image.

Here's just some of the high level material you'll be learning... and Click HERE for even more.
Real Estate & Luxury Real Estate Coaching 
Proven techniques for  propelling your real estate business, In addition to standard real estate, luxury coaching on how to get high-end real estate listings which is a unique skill that’s crucial to increasing your GCI. We’ll go over the perfect approaches to landing these high-end clients, and also consistently increasing your average price-point.
Social/Video/Online Media Coaching
Knowing the correct approach in integrating social media marketing and video marketing to increase brand awareness and productivity in your business. Many business people are not even close to unlocking the power of online media, and unfortunately many social media "experts" do not teach the correct approach.
Self-Mastery Coaching
Many times the problems we have in our business, are not 'business' problems, but often they are problems in our personal life that reflect and effect our business. You’ll learn the best ways to stay motivated, driven, and purposeful with a a great mental strength and strong positive mindset.
MODERN-DAY Language Of Sales
One of the greatest factors in increasing ROI, is not just learning how to execute these modern day techniques and strategies, but it is also learning how to 'speak' these techniques in your language of sales. You will learn some of the most powerful sales scripts that have benefited many of Tony's RISE Mastery and Group members over the last few years..  
"Finally, a group coaching program that teaches modern day techniques that increase productivity!"
Most group coaching programs have a “cookie-cutter” (and outdated) approach to how they teach their students. We’re different. We take the techniques that are working for the top 1% of sales professionals Tony coaches and we show them to you!
Meet Your New Coach
Tony Giordano
Tony began his career in the real estate industry in 1998, developing a vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry, from being a top nationally ranked mortgage lender / broker recognized by the Scotsman Guide, to an being an executive in real estate finance, to then the sales side of the business as a top nationally ranked real estate agent / broker in residential, commercial, investments, and development. 
  • ​Since 2010 he has helped agents and partner associates sell over 3.9 billion in sales volume leading him to become a renowned coach / consultant
  • Highly demanded National Speaker who speaks to SOLD OUT audiences across the nation on the topics of mindset, marketing, leadership, online media, social media, real estate, development, investments, business building, lead generation, recruiting, lead conversion and systems implementation.
  • ​2-Time International Best Selling Author of "The Social Agent" and "The Social Agent 2.O" book series.
Here's what a few of Tony's clients have achieved in their careers.
Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell is a real estate powerhouse who founded Jason Mitchell Real Estate in 2006. Since then, The Jason Mitchell Group has achieved well over $2 Billion in sales volume in Arizona. For the past 3 years, Jason Mitchell has been ranked as the #1 producing resale agent in the state of Arizona and has been voted Arizona’s #1 real estate team two years in a row. In 2018, Jason started coaching with Tony and went from closing over 200 million in volume, to over 600 million closed in 2019!
Laurie Reader
Laurie Reader is a force to be reckoned with, and one of the most experienced agents that South Florida has to offer, as a Multi-Million Dollar Top Producer, Laurie is the Founder of her Laurie Reader Real Estate brokerage, with a very talented team who together are responsible for over 200 Million in annual real estate sales year after year since 2010. She has been recognized in the Top 1/2 of 1% of all REALTORS in the Nation. She is a true leader both in the real estate industry, and locally to her communities.
Stephanie Vitacco
Stephanie Vitacco has consistently been named in the Top 10 List out of 1.6M agents nationally, and has been recognized by Los Angeles Magazine in their "Best Of" edition for a REALTOR. She is recognized by the National Association of Realtors for being one of the Top 100 agents in the United States, along with the Top 100 Real Estate Agents by The Wall Street Journal. She truly has established her name as the #1 choice for an agent in the Greater Los Angeles area in Encino / Sherman Oaks CA., aka; the "Valley". 
What some of Tony's other students have to say...
Bob Lucido
Top 1% Real Estate Team In The World
"I was at a two day conference and Tony Giordano was the last speaker. The hour he presented on the power of online presence was the most valuable hour of the conference. I immediately hired him as a full-time consultant and coach and the knowledge and strategies he has brought to my team and I has already been invaluable in a very short period of time."
Laura Monroe
"Tony has worked with the Inman News team as a national speaker and an Inman Ambassador. Articulate and motivating, Tony's real estate business sense both online and offline is what sets an amazing bar to those who hear him present. Offline he is caring and passionate about this industry and helping people succeed. I would highly recommend Tony for speaking engagements, training courses, workshops, and break-outs. We've been lucky to have him on our stage!"
Will You Be Our Next Success Story?
Get All This When You Enroll Today
Bi-Weekly Coaching/Q&A Calls
Each session we’ll cover a new technique or skill that will help you grow your business, and you'll be able to get help with your personal questions after each session in then Q&A segment.
Exclusive Mastermind Group
Get exclusive access to a thriving community of like-minded business people who are all there to help one another, along with access to Tony directly for any questions you have. 
Invaluable Resources
Access to any of Tony's scripts, coaching tools and/or action plans that coincide with a particular coaching topic sent to you after the session is over. 
When Are The Calls?
Calls are twice a month, and you will receive the registration link for each LIVE session. 
What If I Miss A Call?
We understand that you have a business to run, and that you may not always be available for our LIVE coaching sessions. After every LIVE call, we will upload that recording to our Password sensitive (Members Only) folder where you will find all previous sessions. 
$199.00 mo. 
 Annual Payment of $2388
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